Advantages and effects of self-tapping screws

- Sep 21, 2018-

Advantages and effects of self-tapping screws:

(1) A threaded insert in which the self-tapping screw sleeve is molded and then embedded in the base material.

(2) No need to use taps, you can tap the thread yourself, reduce working hours, and reduce the cost.

(3) Reinforced thread: It has a large contact area with the finished product, and it has strong tensile strength. When the product is designed, it can be used lower strength material.

(4) Protective thread: It has anti-shock effect and can prevent the thread from loosening.

(5) Thread loss tooth regeneration: for the worn thread after the thread has a maintenance effect, using self-tapping thread,the sleeve can continue to use the original size screws.

(6) The fast-moving rigid products (automatic threaded bushings) which have been subjected to heat treatment and lead-plating plating have good corrosion resistance.

(7) If the base material contains bubbles, it also has a good bonding density.

(8) Self-tapping threaded bushings of the same size can be applied to a variety of different materials, which is economical.

(9) The installation is simple and rapid, as long as a loading tool has low cost and low defect rate.

(10) Available in a variety of materials, types, specifications for application.

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