China will implement the distribution transformer energy efficiency upgrading plan

- Dec 29, 2016-

China electrical equipment industry association, Vice President, machinery industrial Electrotechnical Institute of Economics in Beijing Guo Zhenyan explains the importance of clear, distribution transformer energy efficiency upgrade is the important means of achieving national energy conservation and emission reduction.

For properties and size of the distribution transformer, Guo Zhenyan gave detailed explanations. Usually refers to the running of distribution transformer voltage for 10kV~35kV, capacity directly to the end user for 6300kVA and below power transformer. By the end of 2013, running distribution transformers in the net total number of approximately 15.3 million units, with a total capacity of about 4.06 billion kVA (calculated according to the average capacity 315kVA). Among them, attached to the power grid company of distribution transformers with a total number of installed 8.578 million units, the total number of distribution transformers of enterprises to 6.722 million units.

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