Hair-dryer damage reflect

- Dec 29, 2016-

Hair hazards: damaged hair

Reduced moisture in hair to 10%, hair becomes coarse, divergent, and often use hair dryer to blow the results will be. Blow out temperature is high, and very boring, water and some nutrients transpiration of hair off, in particular, had just finished washing his wet hair is weakest, best not to touch it, not to use hair dryer to blow! Used hair dryer hair appear severe drying, bifurcation, and yellow, and a brief break, fickleness is not easy to take care of the hair, is like a straw the same.

Hair-dryer damage II: high radiation

Mention of radiation appliances, we will soon think of computers, televisions, microwaves, and usually ignores the small hair dryer, it is the "radiation King".

Hair dryer is really high radiation appliances, especially in open and closed radiation maximum, and the greater the radiation power. According to experts, is a complex electromagnetic waves of electromagnetic radiation, life consists of a series of electrical activity of the human body, which is very sensitive to environmental electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic radiation on the human body can influence and harm. When the human body by electromagnetic radiation, and could result in the function of the central nervous system and energy barriers, first manifested as dizziness, tiredness weakness, memory wanes, decreased appetite, insomnia, memory loss and other health.

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