How to correctly install the bore self-tapping insert ?

- Jul 26, 2019-

Three bores self-tapping inserts are a new kind of fastener that strengthens the thread strength. It has the characteristics of “self-tapping”. It does not need to use the tap to machine the bottom hole thread. It only needs to pre-drill the bottom hole and then directly install it with the installation tool. Into, high installation efficiency, embedded in plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, copper and other soft materials, can form a higher strength internal thread hole.

Three bores self-tapping insert is a commonly used type of thread insert. How to install it correctly?

Installation introduction:

For manual installation, please use the embryo's installation tools, wrenches, taps, etc.

1. Drilling holes. Determine the correct hole diameter and drill if necessary.

2. Insert one end of the threaded sleeve downwards and install the self-tapping insert completely into the front end of the tool. It must be in vertical contact with the workpiece. Make sure to align the bottom hole when loading. When you find the tilt, reverse the tool and re-adjust it. When you enter 1/3-1/2, you can't come back again. In addition, please do not rotate the tool in reverse, otherwise it will cause product failure.

3. Self-tapping insert after installed should be at least 1mm below the surface of the part.

Self Tapping Inserts With Cutting Bores1

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