How to solve the fixed effect of wire screw sleeve?

- Dec 26, 2018-

Wire screw cover appearance is like a spring, its inside, outside all show thread shape, cent is common type and lock type two kinds, lock type silk covers the polygon that has a circle or a few circles to lock a circle.The outer surface of the wire screw sleeve forms an outer thread, closely fitting with the threaded hole;A new threaded hole is formed on the inner surface of the sleeve to insert the screw.

In this way, the silk sleeve becomes the Mosaic between the bright body screw hole and the screw, and the wire screw sleeve plays the role of the liner between the screw and the screw hole in the threaded connection.In threaded connection, if the screw is directly screwed into the light metal (aluminum, magnesium, etc.) or non-metallic bright body of the screw hole, the screw hole is easy to damage.This problem is especially prominent for threaded connections which must be disassembled or vibrated frequently.

In the past to solve this problem has many shortcomings, increased the volume and weight of the shell, secondly, the bushing and the shell, between the requirements of high-precision interference thread connection, so that the processing, measurement and assembly of the bushing is difficult, quality is not easy to ensure.It is to add one thread bushing in the shell screw hole and screw fatigue prostrate, and fix it with mount joint screw, which is the method to solve this problem.


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