Key locking inserts can be used on shaker equipment

- Jan 03, 2020-

Key locking inserts can strengthen the connection repair thread. Such components are used in many ways and are sometimes referred to as bolt sleeves. When using, tap and tap the corresponding part, and install the screw sleeve to fix it inside the connection hole. Because the special design of the material is good, it can play a good role in reinforcement, and the screw can be fixed very tightly.

For example, some vibration screening equipment, because they generate vibration during work, this force not only affects the material but also affects the surface of the equipment. The screw connection on the equipment may start to loose due to vibration, resulting in failure. In order to cope with this situation, you can use bolt bolts to reinforce them, install them in the screw holes, and let them grip the screws tightly, resist vibration and avoid loosening.

The installation method of key locking insert is relatively simple and fast in the type of the screw sleeve. For some threads that have been damaged and slipping occurs, installing it can replace the damaged threads.

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