Method for quickly removing threaded insert mounting tail shank

- Nov 28, 2018-

The entire threaded insert is divided into several parts: a threaded insert, a shank, and a snap groove. After the threaded insert is installed in the screw hole, the mounting tail of the threaded insert is useless. If it is stuck in the screw hole, it will form an obstacle and affect the quality of the product. We need to use a tool to break the mounting tail of the threaded insert and take it out.

Use the threaded sleeve to install the shank removal tool. It is quick and easy to install the shank. First, insert the threaded sleeve mounting shank removal tool into the screw hole and tap the shank removal tool with a hammer. The mounting handle of the threaded sheath will be removed from The broken groove is broken.

The broken mounting handle should be removed from the tapped hole. After the mounting handle is removed, a buckle at the end of the threaded sheath cannot be disengaged from the internal thread socket, and cannot be deformed, and the end can not be burred. Using the threaded plug or screw to pass through the entire threaded screw sleeve indicates that everything is normal at the end.


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