Method for removing wire screw sleeve mounting handle

- Jan 09, 2019-

Many new and old customers called to ask about the removal method of the wire screw sleeve mounting handle. Today, ABA Technology explain in detail how to properly remove the mounting handle.

When the installation handle of the wire screw sleeve needs to be removed according to the structural requirements, the wire screw sleeve with the broken groove is selected. Generally, the machining depth of the through hole and the screw hole is limited. When the screw is twisted into the screw hole and may exceed the end of the stainless steel threaded sheath, the mounting handle needs to be removed, and the screw can be smoothly passed through the wire screw sleeve.

For blind holes, the screw holes can be processed deeper, and the wire screw sleeve should be selected without a broken groove.

The wire screw sleeve shank tool can be very simple. Just use a mandrel slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the screw threaded hole of the wire screw, insert it into the screw hole, the end is on the mounting handle, and hit the other end with a hammer. The handle will be removed from the handle. The broken groove is broken.

The broken mounting handle should be removed from the tapped hole. After the installation handle is removed, a buckle at the end of the wire screw sleeve cannot be separated from the internal thread socket, and cannot be deformed, and the end can not be burred. Using the threaded plug or screw to pass through the entire threaded screw sleeve indicates that everything is normal at the end.

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