New high and low voltage equipment development trend

- Dec 29, 2016-

Electric power equipment and power generation industry in China is developing rapidly. Adding generating capacity a year, much faster than 8%, by 2020 the installed capacity will reach 800 million kW. But on a per capita share of electric power, China is far behind the developed countries. Due to industrial development is very big, therefore high voltage low voltage complete sets of huge market demand. Production reached 110,000 in 2000 alone, high-voltage switch cabinet, low-voltage switchgear production reached 1.6 million.

High and low voltage complete sets of huge market demand of products as well as fierce competition in the domestic and foreign manufacturers, only domestic high voltage equipment plant has reached thousands. Market demands promote the progress and development of technology, along with the development of society and economy and technology, high power systems, update requirements. Particularly for control of main equipment of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment of power system security and reliability, automation and other aspects put forward higher requirements. In this way, developed to meet the market demand of high technology of new type low pressure equipment products is an urgent task.

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