Stainless steel screw sleeve installation precautions

- Jan 07, 2019-

Stainless steel screw sleeve is a kind of internal and external thread fastener widely used in the ordinary use of the process, what should be noted?

First in to install the stainless steel screw threaded holes in the mechanical, due to improper installation, may appear to jump teeth, or, in a stainless steel installation is complete, a screw thrust to remove the tail handle, made of stainless steel screw tail a drawing or a long residual burrs, if these problems, will affect the installation of the bolt, will affect the quality of the products.At this point, it is necessary to use stainless steel screw sleeve discharger to remove the screw sleeve, and re - installation.

And we all know, the stainless steel is a kind of a screw fasteners of the spiral spring, in the stainless steel screw installation, need to put the stainless steel screw extrusion and compression set of the internal thread hole to install into the mechanical stainless steel after load into the pit, a screw will produce expansive force, so as not to make it as the bolt twist out follow up.Stainless steel screw sleeve can not be removed using the installation wrench to reverse the twist to remove, because this will make the installation wrench do not break damage.

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