The use of tangless screw insert mounting tools

- Mar 19, 2019-

The tangless wire thread insert mounting tool is designed for the installation of tailless sleeves. The installation of the tailless threaded sleeve is different from the installation of the tailed steel threaded sleeve. The installation of the tailed steel threaded sleeve only needs to insert the mounting end of the threaded threaded sleeve into the slot of the installation tool, and then rotate the installation tool. It is possible to install a tailed wire threaded sleeve.

The  tangless wire thread insert is not equipped with a tail handle. There is a hook-like slot on both ends of the tailless sleeve. When the tailless sleeve is installed using the tailless sleeve installation tool, the tail is required. The threaded mounting tool is inserted into the screw hole of the tailless sleeve, and then the mounting tool is hooked to the slot of the bottom of the tailless sleeve and aligned with the screw hole, so that the tailless sleeve can be installed into the screw hole. 

The  tangless wire thread insert does not have a tail shank installed, and it does not need to be oriented in the installation, and both ends can be installed. The tailless sleeve also overcomes the need for the use of tools to remove the mounting of the tail shank and the removal of the mounting shank after the ordinary wire screw sleeve is installed into the screw hole, thereby improving the efficiency of the assembly of the product.

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