What are the introductions of Helicoil threaded inserts?

- Nov 19, 2018-

What are the introductions of  Helicoil threaded inserts?

1. Reinforce the joint strength: Screw it into a metal or non-metal material to form a high-strength standard internal thread. The application of low-strength engineering materials such as aluminum, copper, magnesium alloy and plastic can significantly improve the joint strength and wear resistance of the thread.

2.  Maintenance: When there is a thread processing error or repair of the damaged internal thread hole, the screw sleeve is used as a repairing means, which can be repaired economically and conveniently, and the original specification screw is still used.

3. Different thread size conversion: the use of threaded sleeve for metric ← → inch ← → unified thread and other series of threaded holes mutually converted.

Helicoil threaded inserts specifications: helicoil threaded sleeves can be divided into metric (coarse and fine), uniform coarse threaded sleeve (UNC) and uniform fine threaded sleeve (UNF) according to thread size, in addition to British standard (thick Threaded jackets for teeth BSW and fine teeth BSF) and pipe thread (G).

Helicoil sleeves can be divided into: free running and screw lock according to their own structure. The locking type screw sleeve is installed in the middle of the thread sleeve by one or more turns of polygonal coils. The bolts have a clamping effect and play a loosening effect. Additional lock washers, etc. are not necessary, which reduces costs and ensures simplified assembly.


Length specification for Helicoil threaded jacket: Usually the length of the threaded sleeve is chosen in multiples of the nominal diameter d of the bolts installed in it, each threaded sleeve has a length of 1d, 1.5d, 2d, 2.5d, 3d. For example: M6, 1.5d long screw sleeve, can form M6, the internal threaded hole with a length of 9mm after installation.

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