What is the function of installing a self tapping insert ?

- Aug 28, 2019-

A self tapping insert body made of high strength, high precision and smooth surface of diamond stainless steel wire. It is a high-strength fastener, so how does it protect the screw hole? What protective effect does the tooth cover install in screw hole have? Here is the introduction of self tapping insert fuction from insert manufacturer for your reference.

1. Strengthen the connection strength and improve the connection conditions. High strength materials such as aluminum and magnesium are selected to avoid slip and false teeth and to obtain excellent connection performance.

2. Wear resistance. Used for often disassembled parts, can greatly improve the thread's service life.

3. Increase the surface of the force. Used of a site that requires a strong connection force and can not increase the diameter of the screw hole.

4. Prevent loose. Especially for spacecraft and other products requiring high insurance factors.

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