What multimeter to measure voltage method

- Dec 29, 2016-

Multimeter to measure voltage-care matters

(1) the multimeter before using, should lead a mechanical zero;

(2) the multimeter should be placed level, to reduce the influence of external magnetic field on it;

(3) assumes that the measured voltage plan is not known, you should place the function switch in the many process and gradually declined;

(4) if in the process of measuring range does not match, you should disconnect the range after table changes cannot be measured in the process of shifting;

(5) assumes that the meter flashes flashes only "1", indicating the range is too small, the function switch should be placed on a larger scale;

(6) when testing high voltage, should be particularly attentive to prevent electric shock;

(7) the multimeter in the application process, cannot be touched with the hand sheet metal to ensure personal safety and accuracy of measurement results;

(8) the multimeter used after the function switch should be placed to communicate many away most of the voltage, if the long time does not apply, you should remove the internal battery to prevent corrosion form and other equipment.

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