What tools are needed to install the wire thread sleeve in the screw hole?

- Sep 21, 2018-

Wire thread sleeves are also called steel thread sleeves, thread sleeves, etc. It is a high-strength threaded fastener that fits into the screw hole to protect the internal thread of the screw hole. For the installation of steel thread sleeves, special tools for steel thread sleeves are required, mainly including wire thread sleeve special taps, wire thread sleeve installation wrenches, punches, slewing sleeves and wire thread sleeve inner thread bottom hole plug gauges, wherein the tap is used for processing Wire threaded sleeves are installed with threaded bottom holes, mounting wrenches are used for the installation of steel threaded sleeves, thrusters are used for the mounting of the tail shank, and detachable sleeves are used for the removal of the threaded sleeves. The bottom hole plug gauge is used for the inspection of the bottom hole. 

1. Bottom hole tap: It is used for the processing of the internal thread of the wire thread sleeve. Since the external thread of the wire thread sleeve is a kind of non-standard thread, the tap and the ordinary M tap are different in size.                                                                                                            2. The installation of the wrench: for the installation of the wire threaded sleeve in the bottom hole of the thread, the basic principle is to make the threaded sleeve of the steel wire pass a section of guiding thread, forcing the outer diameter of the threaded sleeve of the steel wire to shrink, so as to be smoothly loaded into the bottom hole, divided into manual type And automatic type.

3. Thruster: The purpose of the thruster is mainly to break the mounting handle of the threaded sleeve of the steel wire. Especially for the through hole, the mounting handle must be broken.

4. Unloader: It is used to take out the threaded thread sleeve installed in the threaded hole of the base. For the long-term use of the screw sleeve that needs to be replaced, and when it is not installed properly or the thread jumper is generated during the installation process, it needs to be taken out. use.

5.Thread plug gauge: for the detection of the threaded bottom hole of the wire thread sleeve installation, after the wire thread sleeve is installed, the accuracy of the internal thread formed depends on the manufacturing tolerance of the thread sleeve of the steel thread sleeve and the bottom hole of the thread thread sleeve tolerance.

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