Installation Considerations For Distribution Boxes

- Dec 29, 2016-

Due to the distribution box is a high voltage device, therefore, when we are to be particularly careful when installing the distribution box. Today we pick up to you to introduce distribution box at the time of installation problems.

First, if it is installed in a small electric shock risk of production sites and offices, we can directly open the power distribution Board.

Second, if it is installed in a risk of electric shock is large, or low-income processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treating, boiler room, woodwork room and other places, should be installed at closed cabinet.

Third, if there is conductive dust or flammable gases, hazardous workplaces are closed or explosion-proof electrical installations must be installed.

Finally, should ensure that the casing when installing electrical components, instruments, switches and lines should be neat, and free of dust, water and debris.

Finally, if when installing the console, bottom half higher than 50~100 mm above ground level is required; the operating handle Center height is generally 1.2~1.5M; case (box) no obstructions within the front 0.8~1.2m.

Last, there shall be charged body exposed naked outside the box; if it is installed in the enclosure you want outer surface or Panel on the electrical components, you must have a reliable screen Designer.

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