Performance Of Wire Thread Insert

- Oct 18, 2018-

Performance of wire thread insert:

The wire screw sleeve is a new type of fastening technology. It can effectively improve the connection conditions and greatly improve the reliability of the screw connection. Its advantages are as follows:

1,The wire screw sleeve is applied to various low-strength materials, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the screw connection and avoid the damage of the thread.

2, Because the wire screw sleeve has a certain degree of elasticity, the load distribution on each ring of the thread can be relatively uniform, eliminating the pitch and tooth type deviation between the screw and the screw hole, and can absorb vibration, thus improving the thread connection strength and fatigue strength.

3, The locking steel wire sleeve can lock the screw in the thread Kongzhong, so that the screw does not loosen when subjected to impact vibration, better than the usual locking device process performance.

4,Under the same strength conditions, smaller and stronger screws can be used to reduce the volume and weight, compared to the method of inlaying steel or copper bushing.

5,The hardness of the wire screw sleeve is higher than that of the screw, so it can be used repeatedly when the screw is connected to the screw. According to the experimental study, the tensile strength of the wire screw sleeve is more than 7 times that of the screw, so the wire screw sleeve will not be damaged under the condition of screw fracture.

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