Promote Traditional Grid To Smart Grid Upgrade

- Dec 29, 2016-

At present, a new energy revolution is booming around the world, the global energy landscape is undergoing significant and profound changes. This round of world energy changes the focus of the new energy, the direction of change is to promote energy development strategy and adjustment of energy structure, improving energy efficiency, the implementation of alternative energy. In recent years, in the new energy grid, smart power distribution and consumption, electric vehicles and implementing energy alternatives, such as rapid development, overall level of upgrade, promote the innovation and development of grid, and made remarkable achievements.

Is to promote large scale application of new energy. Accelerating the development of new energy sources, gradually reducing dependence on fossil fuels, which is dealing with the growing energy crisis, the environmental crisis, the inevitable choice for sustainable development.

In 2015, China's installed capacity of wind power, solar power Add double high, wind capacity installed first in the world for four consecutive years, photovoltaic capacity exceeded Germany ranking first in the world, in the structural optimization of energy and green development has played an important role during the transition period, become a new milestone in the history of China's new energy.

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