Smart Grid Focus Areas Of Development And Investment Prospects

- Dec 29, 2016-

Based on ultra high voltage energy interconnection, "along the way" important role in strategy implementation, but also to implement national "along the way" strategy, speed up power grid interconnection, building with ultra high voltage power grid as the backbone, conveyor clean energy-oriented, strong smart grid of global interconnection. For the implementation of "along the way" strategy, State grid system for the first time made 4 international interconnection project plans, and with Russia, and Kazakhstan signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marks the international interconnection strategy entered a substantive stage of promoting, opened a Zhou interconnected and Transcontinental prelude. This means that "along the way" along the States and regions will have a high-voltage backbone frame strong and smart grid connectivity, via the energy Internet participate in domestic and international division of labor, bring into play their respective comparative advantages, better share from "along the way" dividends of strategy implementation, and ultimately the prosperity and development of the local economy. In the construction of State grid Corporation in global energy blueprint for the Internet by 2020 will build a national grid, UHV Exchange backbone and 19 districts of uhvdc project, forming the Northeast, Northwest and Southwest send three and "San Hua" a strong end to the national network.

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