The Application Of Key Locking Thread Inserts In Industry

- Jul 26, 2019-

Key locking insert is mainly used in the military industry or the aerospace industry. It is a special fastener. Its application is relatively wide. For example, the manufacture of molds, the production of mechanical hardware industry, the manufacture of electronic products, the construction industry, The automobile manufacturing industry, the military industry, the manufacturing of aerospace products, the navigation industry, the high-speed railway machinery industry, etc., these industries are common places for key locking inserts.

Mounting the key locking insert in the screw hole can improve the connection condition between the screw teeth and enhance the impact resistance and fatigue resistance between the screw teeth. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of the industry, the key locking insert can be installed. Improve the service life of the screw holes, enhance the quality of the product, and improve the wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and looseness of the screw holes.

When working under some high temperature conditions, the screw holes of the screw holes are easily damaged, such as the wear of the screw teeth, etc., and if the key locking insert is installed in the screw hole, the chances of these conditions will be very large. The extent of the reduction is even zero.

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