Threaded Inserts Installation Tool Selection

- Jul 18, 2019-

Threaded inserts are a high-strength internal and external threaded fastener that are made of high-strength, high-precision, high-hardness stainless steel wire. The threaded inserts can be applied to the screw hole of the metal material or to the screw hole of the non-metallic material to protect the screw hole of the material and prevent the thread of the screw hole from being damaged.

Threaded inserts are a high-quality fastener with a wide range of mounting tools. Each threaded inserts installation tool can be used for different threaded inserts products or for different numbers of threaded inserts. The choice of threaded inserts installation tools is as follows:

Simple T-shaped installation tool: This installation tool is usually suitable for the installation of coarse threaded inserts above M14.

Sleeve type installation tool: This type of installation tool is usually suitable for fine threaded inserts installation.

Electric and pneumatic threaded inserts mounting tools are available for batch threaded inserts installations.

wire thread insert

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