What Are The Davantages Of Self Tapping Insert ?

- Jan 23, 2019-

The davantages of self tapping insert as following : 

1.Self-tapping screw sleeve has self-tapping ability, the base material does not need to be tapped beforehand, no tap is needed, and the thread can be tapped by itself, reducing working hours and reducing cost.

2. Protect the thread: It has anti-vibration effect and can prevent the thread from loosening.

3. Threading tooth regeneration: For the repaired and broken thread, it can be used for maintenance. Use the self-tapping thread sleeve to continue using the original size screw.

4. The self-tapping sleeve has excellent air tightness and shock resistance, which prevents loosening and improves the strength of the joint with the base metal.

5. Self-tapping braces and finished products have large contact faces and strong tensile strength. The products can be designed with lower strength materials.

6. If the base material contains bubbles, it also has a good bonding density.

7. Self-tapping braces are easy and quick to install, as long as a loading tool, low cost, non-performing rate

8. Self-tapping braces of the same size can be applied to a variety of different materials, which is economical.

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