What Is The Key Locking Insert ?

- Jan 26, 2021-

Key locking insert is an easy-to-use threaded reinforced repair part,the inner and outer sides of this kind of product are provided with threads, and the outer side is equipped with bolts for fastening. The common bolts are built with two or four, which is also named. After it is installed inside the screw hole, pressing these pins into the bottom can have a strong fastening effect and make the screw sleeve that is relatively tight by itself stronger.

The effect of key locking insert is very good, and it can play a very strong connection effect. It is widely used in railway locomotives, vibration machinery, aerospace and other products that require high thread strength. Products are generally made of stainless steel materials and then passivated. Because of the special design and fastening method, it has good seismic and tensile resistance after installation, so it can replace the original thread lifting effect.

Key locking insert can be used not only for threads that are originally intact but require high strength, but also for threads that are originally low in strength or damaged. These products can be used to improve the firmness of understanding.

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