UHV And Smart Grid Technology Innovations For The World's Energy, Power In Transition Provides An Important Lesson

- Dec 29, 2016-

European transmission operators Association should be invited, Mr Liu attended the meeting, held in Brussels, and entitled "UHV and smart grid technology innovation and energy transformation and development in the world" keynote speech. He introduced the practice of China's energy transition and effectiveness analysis pointed out that energy configuration of excessive dependence on coal, power balance-oriented development is leading to China energy power supply security, ecological security and network security, such as the root cause of the problem.

Since 2006, by construction of UHV-backbone frame, strong smart grid grid coordinate development at all levels, promoting large-scale renewable energy, hydropower, nuclear power, coal-electricity base intensive development and high efficient utilization of all types of distributed power, China to achieve optimal allocation of energy resources across the country, ensuring the energy supply of safe, clean, efficient, and sustainable. At present, China's electric power installed capacity has reached 1.6 billion-kilowatt, the annual per capita power consumption reached 4,200-kilowatt. Proportion of non-fossil energy installed capacity reached 33%, including hydropower, wind power, solar (000591) generation capacity ranked first in the world. Trans-regional power transmission capacity to more than 80 million-kilowatt annually to the Middle East when the power exceeds 400 billion-kilowatt.

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