How Do Smart Grid Technology Development

- Dec 29, 2016-

On November 15 "2016 annual meeting of the Chinese society for electrical engineering Forum-smart-grid technology and equipment", the participating experts around the "Smart grids boost energy revolution" in this topic for discussion. In Forum Shang, National Energy Council regulatory director Li ye stressed, can renewable energy if not change mode, not solution sent out problem, will directly effect capacity, last led to power cannot elimination na; Ministry party members, and Office Director Mo Wei is pointed out that, intelligent grid collection has power, and electronic, and equipment, and information, field of high-tech, speed up development intelligent grid is achieved industrial transformation upgrade, and energy-saving emissions of objective needs.

Breakthrough technology of large-scale grid-connected to dissolve

Data displayed, China coastal 12 a provinces power consumption accounted for national share are in 50% around, and China 76% of coal resources, and about 67% of can development hydropower resources, and 90% of land wind resources main distribution in West provinces city, energy resources and electricity needs in space distribution Shang of differences on far distance, and low loss intelligent grid proposed urged; Meanwhile, with silk road economic with, and Yangtze River economic with, and Beijing Jin JI integration construction accelerated, Northeast and Midwest area large undertake industry transfer, Need to synchronize smart grid planning and construction.

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